A little more about my background, what I do and how I do it.

I’m a Graphic Designer & Printer by trade, born in Sheffield in Yorkshire in 1967.

I’m a Father, Husband, Son, Walker, Biker, Photographer, Bass Player, Artist and Talker.

I’ve designed & built websites & created screensavers for banks during the first dot com bubble, I’ve audited quality & security systems for .gov organisations and for internet startups, but I always return to the same thing… CGI.

I’ve been fascinated with the computer as an imaging tool since the early 1980s, and when it became possible to program my own, some of the first things I created were moving dots and wavy lines, and shapes – simple screensavers driven by mathematics and repeating functions.

I soon discovered the world of fractals, iteration and chaos theory, Benoit Mandelbrots graphs were an introduction to a whole universe of possibility.

Conways Life, Flocking Theory, Ray Tracing, and 3D Rendering, all were buzzwords that sparked a fire within me, a desire to create something new…

I started creating these works at the start of lockdown 1 in March 2020, using a mixture of Adobe Photoshop and state of art artificial intelligence software.

Specifically, Googles, “Deepdream” software, (github.com/google/deepdream) used to create images that go beyond the original source photograph(s), often evoking hallucinations and drug induced trance states, or sometimes a just simple sketch.

The other aspect of picture making for me is the landscape photograph – to walk a day in the hills, under a mountain, over a stream, deep in a wood, is where I find myself. The photographs that I take I’d like to share with the world.

Some folk asked me for a print, so here we are…


I use the company Printful for all my print on demand products.

Products are printed on state of the art “giclee” Ink Jet printers on archival paper, card or canvas, for more information, check out the website! https://www.printful.com/

Sizes are in inches unless specified.


Delivery can take a little while depending on whereabouts you are and the products you’ve ordered – Printful run their print on demand fulfilment from various places around the globe – you *should* get the one nearest to you – but it doesn’t always work like that!

The costs are calculated after you put in your address.

You *may* be charged a customs fee – this varies from place to place and to be honest, I’ve very little control over it.

Some delivery destinations offer a DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) option, this is highly recommended for purchases where customs fees are likely.


Payment is via paypal, totally secure and safe


If for any reason you are not satisfied with your print, contact me, and we’ll work something out, usual terms and conditions apply, but rule 1. don’t be a dick, applies more.